HealtheeOne, Inc. a Fukushima "TMT x Healthcare" Startup, Raised US$0.8 Million in a Seed Round

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IWAKI, FUKUSHIMA, JAPAN - November 16, 2016 - HealtheeOne, Inc. is incorporated in Iwaki-city, Fukushima, Japan, and aims to develop and deliver, in and out of Japan, products and services in the TMT (Technology, Media & Telecommunications) and Healthcare combined fields. The company announces today that this Fukushima TMT x Healthcare startup received a subsidy from the Iwaki-city municipal government in Fukushima, and that, as a seed round, HealtheeOne has raised US$ 0.8 million by issuing shares to business partners and by receiving a subordinated loan from Japan Finance Corporation, a national government-backed financial institution.

HealtheeOne currently has around 20 team members in and out of Japan, and is developing a brand-new business assistance service for clinics, targeted to be released and announced by the end of 2016. The company intends to use this US0.8M in funds is enhance and accelerate team development for product engineering, sales & marketing, and customer services.

About HealtheeOne

The value proposition of HealtheeOne is to enable local communities to enjoy access to proper and compassionate healthcare. Our core technologies, together with our operations and services, for instance, can contribute to reducing the stress and burden of daily paperwork for front-line care workers and can also assist operators to increase patients' and family members' satisfaction. We intend to release the first product by the end of 2016.
Also, as a startup founded in Fukushima, HealtheeOne tries to play a key role for the area's industrial revitalization and development in the TMT and healthcare fields.

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The LATOV building in front of Iwaki Station, Fukushima, in which HealtheeOne runs its Operations Center (Photo: HealtheeOne, October 24, 2016)

Supporting Quotes

"I am truly pleased to see the new start-up, HealtheeOne, reducing the daily burden for busy front-line healthcare workers and, as a result, contributing great value to the entire care cycle for patients and their families. I am sure that based in Iwaki, Fukushima, HealtheeOne will develop innovative medical care models in the near future. "

- Yuji Yamamoto
Founder & CEO at MinaCare Co., Ltd.
Researcher at Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc.;
MD, Ph.D. from University of Tokyo
MBA from Harvard Business School

"HealtheeOne is one of the most promising entrepreneurial ventures Iwaki-city Municipal Government proactively supports. We greatly expect that HealtheeOne's projects and businesses will lead to solving social issues Iwaki-city faces such as its fast-aging population and the quite low number of medical doctors and nurses per capita, and that this visionary and socially-conscious start-up will develop and grow rapidly from Iwaki."

- Hiroshi Arakawa
Director General at Industry Development Dept., Iwaki-city Municipal Government in Fukushima, Japan, on loan from Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan

"Japan Finance Corporation decided to support HealtheeOne by providing a subordinated loan to this startup whose projects practically advance solutions to medical care problems in aging societies and accelerate industry development in the bay area of Fukushima, which have been affected by the tsunami and by the accident at the nuclear power plant in 2011. We are looking forward to HealtheeOne's further growth."

- Makoto Ito
Chief, Tohoku Business Start-up Support Center, at Japan Finance Corporation

"We are pleased to announce this successful US$0.8M Seed Round from our business partners. Healthcare is necessary and should be always accessible for everyone, which I had felt as a family member of a terminal home care patient in 2009. However, in order to secure accessibility and a certain level of care services, front-line care workers must devote themselves around-the-clock. We believe that our technology, service and intelligence will minimize non-core activities of care/medical workers and maximize the satisfaction of patients and their family members. Furthermore, as a TMT x Healthcare startup in Iwaki-city of Fukushima, about a 2-hour ride of train from Tokyo, we are aiming to be a role model, choosing Fukushima for the incorporation place instead of Delaware."

- Masakazu Koyanagi
Founder & CEO at HealtheeOne Inc

Founder's Profile

Masakazu Koyanagi, Founder & CEO at HealtheeOne, Inc.
Born in Fukushima in 1976, "Koya" has developed his professional career in TMT industries as a corporate entrepreneur at Itochu Corporation in Tokyo, as Director of Product, Risk & Insurance Management at Asurion Japan K.K., a company for mobile phone insurance services and as a founding member and the Vice President of Corporate Development at Midokura, a network virtualization software startup in Switzerland. He's also engaged in non-profit organizations as a founding member of Paris team at Greenbird, a Japanese NPO for clean activities in towns and streets.
His passion to devote himself into healthcare field comes from his personal experiences of Tokyo-Fukushima roundtrips every weekend in 2009 in order for his father's terminal care at home in Iwaki-city, Fukushima.
Koya received Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical Engineering) from Keio University, Japan and holds MBA from HEC Paris School of Management, France.